Survival of Of The Smartest

Since Ramses III reigned ancient Egypt until Queen Elizabeth II ruled United Kingdom today, mankind on consistent struggle for survive. It involve power among people, community, then nation.

Power is evolving concept as does mankind culture and tradition. For kings and emperor, power could be translated into national treasury, naval ship, and infantries. Some people recognized power as punch and muscle. While other, like Alvin Toffler, define power as information. Despite its vibrant meaning, any kind of power has similarity : a vital necessity for survival.

On surviving, nothing more popular than Darwin. For centuries, he has been misunderstood. He did formulate concept on survival and many acknowledge it. Yet, many people taught Darwin put spotlight in power. Whereas Darwin emphasized on fitness.

What is fitness? Power does some of ingredient for fitness. But, fitness could be translate fluidly. Depends on what come around. The fittest in the room not always whom with strongest biceps or triceps. The fittest is the one whom or which could adapt seamlessly.

First necessity to adapt is ability to recognize surrounding, identify challenge and opportunity, then analyse plausible solution for such circumstance(s). No solution work without problem and capacity identification.

Problem identification and solution skill need to be developed continuously as challenge and opportunity evolve from time to time. It is clearly complicated to impose yesterday solution for today conundrum.

Here simple illustration. There was time when painters were needed in advertising industry. As photography accelerate, people prefer photos than paint for advertising material. There was also time when public engagement delivered through newspaper, radio, or television. It remain important today.

Yet, most engaged platform to engage today is social media. As institution and brands can interact with public almost without barrier. An opportunity and challenge in one plate.

New platform demand new concept. A misconception would create more conundrum or, perhaps, wreak havoc for brand and institution. Some brand been proved it.

Therefore, brand and institution need to find most appropriate means of deliver for public engagement in social media era. Work seamlessly, steadfast, and focus to locate such ability. Remember on constant struggle for survive. Only the smartest would survive.