Beyond Conversation, It Is Strategic Communication

As all relations, engagement require communication. In point of fact, communication is core of each and every engagement. Whether it short or lifelong relation, or engagement, communication need to be conveyed.

For both brand and institution, communication could be defined as integrated effort to deliver message on relevant parties. While it is clearly important, communicating brand far beyond advertising or press conference. Moreover, brands and institution do understand particular party demand tailored engagement as well. It is natural consequence of vibrant interest from brand and institution.

Despite delivered in various ways, it is a necessity to ensure communication should convey same message from brands and institution to relevant parties. Therefore, it is imperative for brands and institution to design an integrated and comprehensive communication strategy.

Designing communication is started with what message to be conveyed and who are the communicant? Then, come next question: how should message be conveyed to targeted party?
Those three basic questions require problem and solution identification skills.

Some brands and institution will easily answer first question. For second and third, sometime outside idea would be needed. Not just outsider. It is a third party who understands who the target is and how to engage with it.

This is strategic communication. A set of action plan to sorting most relevant target which suit to brands and institution interest, how to engage with the target, and what are the requirement to engage with.

It is at brand and institution best interest to ensure sorting and choosing stage done properly. Otherwise, here come fiasco. Will your brand pay for it?