Engaging through event

Pursuing interest require many thing. Collaboration, cooperation, and communication are sort of the requirement. Those requirements could be materialized in vibrant form. Those all need engagement as well.

For years, brands and institution engage through billboard, advertising in mass media, or press conference. Some brands integrated it and several other engagement and communication methods in event.

Concerts, seminar, gala, or expo are most utilized event for brands to engage with selected party. Brands may not wired money to doctors, members of parliament, or official account. Yet, brands may invite them to attend exclusive concert, knowledge upgrade event, gala, or expo on brands or institution expenses.

For broader public, event could be utilized as engagement tool as well. There are many brands exposed in many events. In series of activities related to event, brands exposed in press conference, stages, kits, goody bags, to billboards. Brands are immersed to public in several mean of deliver massively in one time.

After all those fact, is it still relevant to ask whether brands should utilizes event to engage?