Adapting Through Webinar

Thousand years mankind history attest we do not stop. We do not surrender. We halt. We take a nap, replenish, then walk through. Mankind runs that pattern since stone age until artificial intelligent era today.

We batter pandemic, famine, crisis in vibrant pattern. Nowadays pandemic is not different than priors. We halted many in early 2020. We evaluate and calculate. Then, as we did in last thousand years, we decide life must go on.

Social distancing and lockdown use to disrupt work flows. As in house or person-to-person meeting become impossible during social distancing and movement restriction, we move to online meeting. On early days, we faced many challenge in online meeting and work from home. Consistent fatigue due to quandary to separate personal and working time. Non stop work message and meetings flows.

As we adapt, we learnt online meeting, webinar, or any form of online coordination is here to stay. We do hope pandemic wane. Yet, science told us : Covid-19 will not vanish in near future. It here to stay for a while. We have to live with covid-19.

A new stage with new rule set. Some rule in life before corona (BC) will be history. Some ways of life will be adapted. Seminar is second ones.

Interaction is human need. Smoke signal in bronze age until messaging service in today life is form of interaction. We develop many skill and room to interact. Pandemic should not deprives it.
We have to disseminate ideas, flourish thought, and elaborate assessment for many today’s challenge and opportunity. If we can not gather in same real life room, then we meet online via webinar. We adapt in this pandemic through webinar.